Veganism - everything you need to know

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Veganism – Why and How

Interested in why people go vegan? Want to know how you can try veganism? Learn the ins and outs of veganism right here!

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13 interesting facts about veganism you should know!

Curious about veganism? New to the vegan lifestyle? A vegan expert? Well let’s see how many of these facts you already know!

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Veganism Can Protect You from Heart Disease!

A balanced vegan diet can protect your heart and blood vessels, keep you healthy, and extend your life.

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Does a Vegan Diet Require Supplements?

The only supplement a vegan needs is vitamin B12. A balanced diet will give you all the nutrients you need.


If you are feeling lethargic and tired or you’ve started to feel weakness or headaches – just keep reading

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Natural Plant-Based Omega-3s

Walnuts, flaxseed, and chia seeds are healthy and safe omega-3 sources. You can sprinkle them on salad, blend them into smoothies or make them into pudding!

The Elephant in the Room – Gas!

Transitioning to a vegan diet may affect your digestive system. Luckily, the body gradually adjusts and our tips can help you minimize those symptoms.

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Vegan and Gluten Free

Can I be a gluten-free vegan? Sure you can! Just follow this article and discover all the best plant-based gluten-free foods!

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A plant-based diet has been found to be associated with a lower risk of diabetes. Wanna know more? Click here for more info.

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Preventing Cancer

Plant-based diets are associated with an overall lower cancer rate than that of the general population.