Vegan Marshmallows – is there such a thing?



For many of us, marshmallows are intertwined with beautiful memories, experiences, and emotions.

When you think of those sweet fluffy vanilla puffs, don’t you think of bonfires and s’mores, rice crispy treats, or hot chocolate with mini marshmallows? We are so lucky to have vegan marshmallows so we can dive into nostalgic memories and create new ones with family and friends.

Short answers to commonly asked questions about marshmallows:

What makes most marshmallows not vegan?

Marshmallows usually contain gelatin that is made by boiling skin, bones, and other animal parts (usually pigs, cows, or fish).

What are vegan marshmallows made of?

They can be made with agar-agar powder, carrageenan, or other vegan replacements for gelatin.

Let's Try Vegan, together.

Let's Try Vegan, together.

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Online guidance by mentors & registered dietitians

Friendly & supportive environment

Plenty of fabulous recipes

Over 250,000 already participated

Which marshmallows are vegan?

We are so lucky to have many options for vegan marshmallows:

Dandies came to life when a father wanted his vegan child to have and enjoy marshmallows at a campfire. Since Ryan Howard is a food engineer, he was able to create these amazing marshmallows. You really won’t be able to distinguish them from the non-vegan option.
Find them here

Freedom Confectionery
Wow, their variety is amazing! They have vanilla and strawberry flavored marshmallows, as well as marshmallows that are covered in vegan chocolate! Find them here

Trader Joe’s
Trader Joe’s has many great vegan products, and their vegan marshmallows are just as tasty!

Anandas Foods
This vegan family business based in the UK makes their delicious marshmallows all hand-made!
Get them here

Ricemello Creme
A natural vegan marshmallow creme, perfect for desserts and even for sandwiches! Find them here

Smucker’s Marshmallow topping
This great creamy topping is perfect for ice cream or anything else you want to top. It is an accidentally vegan product that we just love!

How about making marshmallows by yourself? This is our recommended homemade marshmallow recipe!

Let us know which your favorite vegan marshmallow is! 

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