Your First Vegan Shopping Trip



So, you’ve made the commitment to eat vegan. But now you have to actually go shopping and figure out what to buy! 

We know shopping as a vegan can be daunting at first, especially when you realize how many labels you might have to read. But trust us, it does get easier. Now the only time we read labels is when a promising new product comes out!

It can also be easy at first to go overboard with new items and buy the whole store! This is just one of the reasons we recommend you check out our carefully designed meal plan. So it’s best to try to arm yourself with a shopping list before you head out.

If you’re completely lost at first, it can be helpful to look for replacements for what you already eat. Enjoy burgers? Find a veggie burger that sounds appealing. Have pasta night once a week? Many pasta sauces and almost all dry pasta are already vegan. Replace cereals with vegan cereals, milk with plant-based milk, etc. This will simplify things, as you get used to your new way of eating.

If you cook many of your meals from scratch, check out our How to Veganize Recipes article for helpful ideas on substitutes. Also, have a look at our carefully curated collection of recipes!

And to enjoy the complete Challenge 22 spirit, make sure you sign up and join one of our groups!

Below you’ll see a basic grocery list to get you started. 😊

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