Where to Find Vegan Recipes



So you’re new to vegan cooking. Or maybe even just new to cooking and don’t know where to start? Don’t worry – we got you!

Rather than diving head-first into veganizing your old recipes, it’s usually easiest to start with a few tried-and-true vegan recipes that are versions of food you already like. If you have a favorite meal, let us know what it is, and we’ll recommend the best recipe for you to try.

One of our favorite sources for vegan recipes is Finding Vegan! Pinterest is useful, too – you can easily save and organize the recipes you find there.

Doing a general web search can give you tens of thousands of results – but there’s a good reason the first few search results are up top; They’re often ones from our favorite vegan chefs, and if you see the same names cropping up in search after search, you know you can rely on their recipes being good. Once you’ve tried (and loved!) a few recipes from a chef, follow their blog or subscribe to their mailing list to get more recipes that you know will work for you.

And YouTube is great, especially if you’re not yet an accomplished cook and you want to see how things are done!

Don’t neglect more old-fashioned sources though. Libraries and bookstores usually have great vegan cookery sections these days, and you know that a cookbook will have had many recipe testers working on it. You won’t go far wrong with any recipe you find there. If you’d like us to recommend our favorite recipe books, let us know.

Some complete beginner cooks enjoy having a food delivery service too – see if there is a vegan one in your area, that delivers prepared ingredients and recipes to you. All the hard prep work will have been done, and there’s no waste!

Make sure you check our fabulous recipes, and once you’re ready to dive back into your old recipes, give our How to veganize recipes article a read for some useful tips & tricks!

For more recipes and tips from experienced mentors and certified dietitians, join Challenge 22 for free!

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