Where to Eat Out as a Vegan?



Many people find it easy to be vegan at home, but worry about what to do when they’re eating out. Can you still go to your favorite restaurants? What will you do if your friends want to eat somewhere that doesn’t seem vegan-friendly?

The good news is that most restaurants these days can cater to vegans. Sometimes with a little advanced notice, and sometimes with a little creative menu reading on your part, but often there’s at least one dish that is already vegan! 🙂

If possible, check the menu before you go and see what might be available already. You can often order a few things from the sides menu – potatoes, vegetables, bread, maybe a portion of hummus – and make a complete meal from those. If there is a dish that sounds good, but possibly isn’t vegan – say a pasta dish that contains dairy butter – call the restaurant ahead of time and let them know when you’ll be there and that you’d like to order that dish but veganized. Most restaurants will be happy to help! After all, they would rather have your and your friends’ business than have you go elsewhere.

But what about fast food? Surely you’ll have to give up burgers and pizzas? Not these days! Many chain restaurants are jumping on the plant-based bandwagon and increasing their offerings. Here are a few guides to help you:

If you live elsewhere, a quick search for “vegan fast food” or “vegan restaurant” in your own country will let you know what’s available for you. HappyCow is an amazing resource when it comes to vegan restaurants and vegan options.

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