Staying Vegan While Traveling


Jess Turner

If you’re going vegan or eating more plant-based food, you are probably establishing a little routine and it’s easier compared to when you first started your journey. You already know what’s vegan at your supermarket, and can gather your usual goodies in moments. At home, you know what goes into your food, and it’s easy to spot a non-vegan intruder on an ingredient list in your own language.

But what about when traveling?

Check out our tips on staying vegan while traveling:

The Internet is your best friend

You could save a lot of time and empty bellies by doing a little research before you leave. Make a list with larger supermarkets, vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants, and see on a map where you can find them.

Websites and apps like Happy Cow, A Billion Veg, and Vegan Travel are lifesavers for finding restaurants while traveling, and it’s a really good idea to check them before you hit the road. Another great place to find practical tips is Facebook or Instagram – you can join local vegan groups to get some tips from locals, they usually know what’s good in their area. 

Book accommodation that is self-catering or has kitchen access

If you want an option that is also less expensive when it comes to eating, booking accommodation that has a kitchen might do the trick for you. You can find whole plant-foods almost anywhere in the world, and if you don’t mind cooking on your trip, it’s a really easy way to stay vegan while traveling. You can find the most delicious ripe fruit, seasonal vegetables and fresh greens to nourish your body for adventure.

Pack your favorite snacks

Save some space in your luggage for a few nibbles. Have some sweet and some savory treats, so all your food preferences can be satisfied. Nuts, protein bars, crackers, rice cakes, dried fruits, peanut butter sandwiches, vegetable chips, and other non-perishable foods are all really good to have in case of hunger pangs.

For longer trips and camping holidays, stock up on non-perishable foods like canned beans, pasta, oats, plus non-refrigerated plant-based milk, tofu/vegan sausages/seitan, and so on. Focus on the latter if you will have some access to stores but are unsure if they will have those vegan essentials. That way, you can easily put an impromptu meal together!

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Visit local supermarkets

It can be really fun to go on a journey of discovery for some foreign plant-based gems. If you are not familiar with the language, make a list of non-vegan ingredients in that language and look for the ingredients written in bold. Some common animal products to look out for are “milk”, “egg”, “meat”, “whey”, “honey”, “gelatin”.

Contact restaurants before you arrive

A lot of restaurants have their menu online, so you can check them out before you go there. As a rule of thumb, Indian or Asian restaurants often have some delicious accidentally vegan meals, so give those a try. Most restaurants are willing to customize their menu for you, to exclude non-vegan components. And if you find yourself at a random restaurant, and there’s nothing vegan on the menu, potatoes or bread are always a vegan’s best friend.

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Let us know in the comments, do you have some more tips on vegan travel?

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