Plant-Based Replacements for Meat



Seitan, tempeh, tofu, and TVP are all products that can be used as plant-based meat. So what’s the difference between tempeh and tofu? What’s seitan, anyway? Let’s break it all down!

saiten meat balls


Seitan is an amazing plant-based substitute for meat! You can use it to create pretty much any meaty dish you love – from steaks, burgers, sausages, and roasts to stews, sandwiches, and stir-fries. 

Seitan is made from wheat gluten, by kneading wheat flour with water. The origins of seitan date back a thousand years ago to China, originally being made by Buddhist monks. Some people make it at home from scratch, but most people buy it since it’s affordable and pretty widely available. 

Let's Try Vegan, together.

Let's Try Vegan, together.

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Sign up & join over 250k who've already taken the 22 day vegan experience
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Online guidance by mentors & registered dietitians

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Plenty of fabulous recipes

Over 250,000 already participated


Tempeh is a less famous meat replacement that deserves a lot more glory! It’s extremely versatile and can be used for bolognese, buddha bowls, tacos, burgers, wraps, chilis, and much more!

Tempeh is a vegan protein. Similar to tofu, tempeh is usually soy-based, but it also goes through a fermentation process, so it contains a lot of nutrients. It’s high in protein and fibers and contains probiotics, magnesium, B vitamins, phosphorus, and manganese.

Some people even make their own tempeh at home! It’s usually very affordable though, so no need to rush into creating it from scratch.

Hoisin glazed tempeh


Tofu has been around for over 2000 years in Asia! Tofu is made from soybeans, it’s low in calories and fat, rich in calcium, and is high in complete protein. It’s also cholesterol-free, just like all plant-based foods. Tofu has a neutral taste, so you can use it in many recipes, using different flavors each time.

We love using tofu for nuggets, pâté, stir-fries, lasagna, sushi, curry, and lots of other dishes.

Tofu curry

Soya Chunks 

Soya chunks or TVP (textured vegetable protein) are made from soybeans that are turned into soy flour after the oil has been extracted from them. It is usually the cheapest type of meat substitute, and it’s filled with protein and fiber! Soya chunks absorb the flavor of the sauce you cook it in, making it super versatile! It comes in different shapes and sizes and can be used to make plant-based dishes like schnitzel, shepherd’s pie, tacos, bolognese, patties, and many more. 


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