How to Learn to Like Vegetables



For many of us when we first went vegan, the hardest part was that we didn’t actually like vegetables. If this describes you too, don’t worry – we came up with tricks to help you until that day you will find yourself craving kale! 

Green smoothies are a great way to start. Add plenty of fruit, a little water or non-dairy milk, and try milder greens first, like spinach, before building up to the kale. Start with the tiniest amount – maybe not even enough to change the color of the smoothie – then slowly increase. You’ll be dying to post photos of your bright green smoothies in no time. Other veggies that you can sneak into smoothies are white beans, frozen zucchini, cucumber, beets, or baked sweet potatoes.    

A delicious way to prepare veggies is to roast them or caramelize them in the oven. This brings out their natural sweetness and flavors. Also, a little salt on things like kale really counteracts the bitterness, and you can reduce the amount over time, as your taste buds adapt. Oh, and don’t forget the spices! That’s how we learned to love cauliflower.

Preparing new-to-you vegetables in a familiar way can help your taste buds adapt to them – this is a great way to introduce kids to veggies, too! Try Cauliflower Mash next time you have a roast dinner, instead of mashed potatoes. If you want an even slower transition, you can even add one or two potatoes to get a more familiar taste and texture.

If you have a veggie you don’t like, consider adding a small amount of it into a soup with other vegetables you like. Over time you can increase the proportion of the not-yet-beloved vegetable, maybe turning a carrot soup into your new favorite creamy parsnip soup.

Don’t forget to let us know what your new favorite veggies are, and make sure you check out our delicious Pea Pesto Spread!

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