Easy Vegan Breakfasts


Jess Turner

Rise and shine! If you wake up raring to get in the kitchen and create a table brimming with vegan breakfast goodies, or you’re just looking for something to throw together on dark bleary-eyed mornings, we’ve got you covered for the most important meal of the day.

These are some questions we hear quite often: ‘What can I eat for breakfast if I don’t eat eggs?’ Vegan pancakes, tofu scramble, and protein-packed chickpea flour omelet are some tasty options. ‘What do vegans eat for breakfast?’ Some of our community’s favorites are vegan cream cheese on toast, cereal or granola with vegan milk or vegan yogurt, overnight oats, smoothies or smoothie bowls, tofu or chickpea flour scramble, chia pudding, banana bread, vegan muffins… The list is endless!

A family sitting at a table and enjoying a breakfast of fruit, smoothies, vegan milk, bread, spreads and veggies.

Some everyday breakfast foods are already plant-based, and there’s no shame in keeping things simple. We love Barbara’s Peanut Butter Puffins, Cap’n Crunch, or basic corn flakes, perhaps with added fruit. After a little experimentation, you’re sure to find your favorite plant-based milk or yogurt to make this a tasty and convenient breakfast in a jiffy. You’ll also find plant-based cinnamon rolls in a can, honey-free granola, banana bread and bagels in many stores, such as Trader Joe’s. If you don’t have these options near you, join our next free vegan support group and we’ll help you find delicious vegan breakfast food in your part of the world!

Slices of fresh toast with vegan cream cheese and sliced tomatoes

Toast, bagel or English muffin with vegan cream cheese

Sometimes you just want the classic comfort of vegan cream cheese to start your morning. Tofutti, Follow Your Heart, and Daiya all make readily available, spreadable deliciousness for your morning toast, bagel or English muffin. Add some herbs, sliced tomato, avocado, toasted seeds, or even some plant-based, pig-free bacon! 

Two jars of oatmeal or porridge served with nut butter and fresh fruit

Overnight Oats

The easy, nutritious breakfast of the moment, and like most good inventions, surprisingly simple. Oats can lower cholesterol, are great for digestion, contain lots of soluble fiber, and the slow release of energy will make it easier to keep going until lunch.

Step 1: Mix oatmeal with plant-based milk (add in chia seeds for an omega-3 boost), and place in a jar or bowl in the refrigerator the night before. 

Step 2: After 7-9 hours’ sleep, jump out of bed and enjoy an instant breakfast!

Top this creamy oatmeal with cinnamon and brown sugar, banana, nuts and seeds, nut butter, fruit, maple syrup – there’s so much variety that we wouldn’t blame you for having this breakfast every day.

Smoothie bowl

Wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to this energy-giving, nourishing breakfast. Live your best life with a sweet, zesty, and fruity morning treat that means you’ve already had your five-a-day before you even leave the house.

You’ll need a good blender, but smoothie bowls can also be a great way to cover your omega-3 and protein requirements by adding in nutritious chia seeds.

Tofu Scramble


A superior plant-based scramble that’s protein-packed, eggy, delectable, and an easy-breezy recipe. Keep it simple and enjoy on toast, or add plant-based bacon, mushrooms and other veggies. It’s also awesome stuffed into a breakfast burrito with plant-based cheese and sausage, seasoned beans and avocado – nom!

Photo by Avocuddly, Friendly Vegan Recipes

Almond Butter Banana Bread

A cozy morning with a slice of warm banana bread and a mug of coffee? Or a dash out the door, with just enough time to grab something to eat on your way to work? Almond butter banana bread it is! Granted, this one requires some prep ahead of time, but one of the best things about this is that a delicious and nutritious breakfast is already ready for you when you walk into the kitchen. 

Looking for more tasty tips? Made the perfect plant-based pancakes? Join our free vegan community to meet like-minded people and find vegan recipes!

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