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Challenge 22+ : Terms of Use

I am hereby informed and aware that my participation in the Challenge22+ group, including all content published in the group, i.e. questions and answers, explanations and tips - is not a substitute for professional counseling (nutritional, medical or other), and that the responsibility to eat a healthy, balanced diet rests exclusively with me, the participant.

Animals Now and the Challenge22+ team will not be held accountable for any health problem or other issue which can occur as a result of bad nutrition or conduct during my participation in the Challenge22+ program. Additionally, I am aware that the medical and nutritional information given in the program is general and cannot take into account specific conditions or personal requirements of each participant.

The Challenge22+ program, in itself, cannot be an exclusive framework for people with diseases or with special health/nutritional/mental conditions, such as eating disorders, gastrointestinal or digestive diseases, bariatric surgery and pregnancy. In these cases, it is highly recommended to get additional personal counseling with an appropriate healthcare professional, in place of or in addition to participation in the Challenge22+ program.

*If you have any special requirements and are in need of personal support, you may consult with one of the program mentors regarding the appropriate professional to reach out to.

* Challenge 22+ was created and is run by Animals Now, an NGO based in Israel.

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Why Challenge 22?

pawFor the animals: the best way to help animals is to vote with our fork. As consumers, we can choose not to use our money to fund products which involve cruelty to animals. It's a matter of supply and demand – when we reduce the demand for meat, we reduce the number of animals who have to suffer.


For our health: we all want to be healthier, and the journey towards better health starts at our plate. Animal products contain saturated fat, cholesterol, toxins and fecal bacteria. Challenge 22+ is a great opportunity to enrich your diet with a variety of vegetables, fruit, grains and legumes – and to learn how healthy food can be delicious and satisfying.


For the environment: according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN, factory farming is the main cause of the ecological crisis, responsible for deforestation, greenhouse gas emission, pollution and water shortages. Challenge 22+ is the perfect opportunity to transition to a sustainable diet, for our own sake and for the sake of future generations.

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How does it work?

1. Sign up through this short form

2. Join a special Challenge 22+ Facebook group (click on "Join Group")

3. Every day, you'll get recipes, tips, videos and lots of motivation!

So far, 55000 people have participated in Challenge 22+

Here are some of them:

Jen Buffy - let's try veganism

Jen Buffy, 38, USA

“I had a great and positive experience and a very supportive network of people to help me along my journey. My questions were answered positively and with honesty.

I did it for health reasons. I started my weight loss journey in August by removing sugar, soda, processed foods, and fast food from my diet. I've managed to lose 40 lbs and my quality of health has greatly improved”

andrew eastwood vegan

Andrew Eastwood, 39, United Kingdom

I have been a chef for the last 10 years but have decided unless it's a vegan eatery I will not do it again, I can not face handling or cooking meat now. I've only been vegan for around 6 months. I was only vegetarian for 2 months beforehand but never ate a huge amount of meat. It was quite amazing how I found this group literally a week after watching cowspiracy.
Without the Love, support and amazing advice I don't know if I would have managed to keep up the good work. Now I am fully committed and love being vegan.

Jwona Nessel let's try veganism

Iwona Nessel, 58, Spain

I love that group and people here. Now I know that there is lots of good people out there. It make me stronger. I love to see they steps and cooking; ideas and sharing.

Kayli Joseph, 54 ,USA

"I enjoyed the challenge immensely! It gave me the support I needed as I started my new path... Each day was planned so that I could easily achieve the daily goal. This gave me a sense that I could do this. The mentors were very compassionate, dedicated and caring. All my questions were welcome... They were truly an inspiration to me."

Our Mentors

More than 400 mentors from all around the globe will be happy to help you in your journey


Gabi Helfert

53, Netherlands


Mitchell Barnes

24, United States


Gabriel Bruer

24, Germany


Lorna Vianna

34, South Africa


Vivek Venkatraghvan

22, India


Gabriela Dhar

42, Mexico


Shalini Kulkarni

32, Canada


Darian Chesek

23, United States


Tom Fowkes

23, United Kingdom

Our Dietitians

Our registered dietitians specialize in vegan nutrition for all stages of life (including pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, children, adults, athletes and more)

Nataly Shemesh Registered vegan Dietitian

Nataly Shemesh

Tammy Adiv Registered vegan Dietitian

Tammy Adiv


Lucy Kendrick

Barbara Forrest Ravid - vegan dietitian

Barbara Forrest Ravid

Tzori Brinker Registered vegan Dietitian

Tzori Brickner

Maayan ben nun

Maayan Ben Nun

Dana Gilad vegan dietitian

Dana Gilad

Yvonne O Halloran vegan dietitian

Yvonne O Halloran

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